Become a PT

Savvy is the Wollongong Campus for the Australian Institute of Personal Trainers

So what’s different about our course?

  • We ensure that students receive the highest levels of practical training and industry experience whilst undertaking their studies.
  • Students obtain their education from qualified, leading Personal Trainers and business owners who are currently working in the industry and have years of operational experience.
  • The course combines theory and practical training days that provide students with a real-life understanding of the industry.
  • Our course has been designed in collaboration with Personal Trainers and fitness centre owners who have identified what they look for in staff.

What does this mean for our students?

Our course structure and delivery method facilitates the following student outcomes:

  • Students are more prepared to enter the industry at graduation and do not require retraining upon employment.
  • Our training model ensures that students are more employable upon graduation.
  • Throughout their studies, students obtain a real-life understanding of how the industry works.
  • Students have a sounding board to guide them.

The Australian Institute of Personal Trainers’ nationally accredited gym instructor and personal training courses will equip you with the knowledge and skills required to start your career in fitness training that provides you with a fit and active lifestyle as well as flexible working hours.

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