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The Come Back Campaign

Posted on September 1, 2021 by Savvy Fitness
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USE IT OR LOSE IT – Why you need resistance training!

Posted on August 19, 2021 by Savvy Fitness

Whilst in lock down it has become clear that the easiest form of exercise for many is to walk, run, cycle or swim. Whilst these modes of exercise provide incredible benefits and are very much encouraged we want to stress the importance of staying consistent with your resistance training.

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Running Events are back!

Posted on March 4, 2021 by Savvy Fitness

It’s been a pretty tough 12 months for all of us and it’s safe to say that for the runners one of the toughest blows was the multitude of cancelled races & events! We are super excited to see all of our favourite races & events back on in 2021 and we cant wait to help you get prepared to race again!

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Never Miss A Class Again

Posted on October 22, 2020 by Savvy Fitness

This year has been unlike any other and we have all been pushed to change, adapt & innovate. We had to change to survive & to serve, but through change we have also found a greater flexibility plus new & better ways to do things.

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The SAVVY way of navigating our new world.

Posted on May 15, 2020 by Savvy Fitness

Amongst the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, there was one thing we knew for sure, we must go on!

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Are You Ready? 8 Weeks is all it takes!

Posted on September 26, 2019 by Savvy Fitness
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#RUNRIDEJULY It's a little bit competitive, it's a little bit fun & you could win the CASH!

Posted on June 25, 2019 by Savvy Fitness
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Be a Winter Warrior

Posted on May 29, 2019 by Savvy Fitness
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Motocity Bulli Burn

Posted on May 25, 2019 by Savvy Fitness
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Angela wins Fitness Australia's Group Fitness Instructor of the Year Award

Posted on April 18, 2019 by Savvy Fitness
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