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SAVVY@home is an adaption of the well loved SAVVY service, now online.

Delivering classes direct to you at home. Each week we deliver you 6 new On-Demand classes to complete at the most convenient time for you. Our classes include Lift, Push, Stretch, Punch, Release (Yoga) and Align (Pilates). Plus coming soon, Flow (Yoga) & Move. We have everything you could possibly need! The basic equipment you will need is a mat, a foam roller, a trigger ball and a set of dumbbells. Join our connected community and get great inspiration and results while at home!


Why Join our Team.

  • CHOICE - 15 different class types
  • TIME - classes from 5am - 6:30pm including lunchtime options
  • LOCATION - Bulli, Wollongong & Studio / INDOOR & OUTDOOR options
  • CHILDREN'S CHAMPION at all 9:15am classes
  • GROUP FITNESS - Workouts are planned for you & programmed to cover all of your fitness needs
  • VARIETY - Classes are programmed on a weekly basis to ensure our sessions provide variety, progression & motivation
  • TRAINERS - variety of trainers with a broad skill base & varied specialties
  • TECHNOLOGY - spivi in cycling room for improved performance & motivation
  • COMMUNITY - great community that provides motivation, encouragement & increased performance as well as improved mental health well being
  • EQUIPMENT - variety of equipment for great results