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SAVVY@home is an adaption of the well loved SAVVY service, now online.

Delivering classes direct to you at home. Each week we deliver you 6 new On Demand classes for you to complete at the most convenient time for you. Our classes include Cycle, Lift, Push, Stretch, Punch, Release (Yoga) and Align (Pilates).  These classes do not require equipment as we have adapted our programs for you to be able to do at home. We have everything you could possibly need! Join our connected community and get great inspiration and results while at home!


Why Join our Team.

  • CHOICE - 15 different class types
  • TIME - classes from 5am - 6:30pm including lunchtime options
  • LOCATION - Bulli, Wollongong & Studio / INDOOR & OUTDOOR options
  • CHILDREN'S CHAMPION at all 9:15am classes
  • GROUP FITNESS - Workouts are planned for you & programmed to cover all of your fitness needs
  • VARIETY - Classes are programmed on a weekly basis to ensure our sessions provide variety, progression & motivation
  • TRAINERS - variety of trainers with a broad skill base & varied specialties
  • TECHNOLOGY - spivi in cycling room for improved performance & motivation
  • COMMUNITY - great community that provides motivation, encouragement & increased performance as well as improved mental health well being
  • EQUIPMENT - variety of equipment for great results

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