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Wollongong’s Leading Fitness Professionals

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Savvy Fitness are Wollongong’s leading Fitness Professionals in Personal Training.

Savvy is the Wollongong Campus for the Australian Institute of Personal Trainers, established as the local experts delivering Certificate 4 in Personal Training. We train the trainers so if you are looking for a trainer, you’ve landed in the right place.

Our Personal training programs aim to achieve a consistent pattern of training that will enable you to reach your health and fitness goals! Savvy’s Personal Trainers are dedicated to making you accountable and helping you be as consistent as possible with your training which leads to positive lifestyle behaviours.

We will provide all equipment for you as well as prescribe safe and effective exercises that will suit your individual needs.

Our personal Trainers will offer you support, encouragement and guidance throughout your program whilst implementing creative strategies that will keep you excited about your sessions each week!

One on One PT

Train individually with a trainer who will design your program based on your goals.

Partner PT

(Train with a friend)
Training is always more fun with a friend, double the fun while splitting the cost.

Small Group PT

(3-8 people)
Get your training done as well as your weekly catch up with friends.

Training Consult

Meet with our trainers to work out your best fitness formula to achieve success and hit your goals.

Fitness Assessment

Assess where you are at so you can make a comprehensive plan moving forward.

Become a PT

Become a trainer!

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Stop dreaming and start doing

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Being a Member of Team Savvy is Value for money.

  • TRAINERS - Variety of trainers with a broad skill base & varied specialties
  • EQUIPMENT - variety of equipment for great results