Savvy Survivor

What is Survivor?

A 7 day charity event where the emphasis is teamwork, fun and participation. Survivor promotes physical activity, healthy hearts and supportive environments. This program will physically and mentally test the participants while encouraging teamwork and raising funds for local charity.

Who is it for?

Our annual Savvy Summer Survivor is open for all Savvy Members, associate businesses, friends and the wider community.


  • To challenge each participant physically and mentally in a fun but competitive environment.
  • To encourage and create teamwork, cooperation and sportsmanship within each team.
  • To build on and encourage strong alliances among participants.
  • To set goals and establish strategies to achieve them.
  • To experience a variety of new skills that can be used in a weekly training regime
  • To make a difference in our local community.

We have also created Survivor programs specifically for corporate groups and sporting teams.

If you would like to book us for a conference or a weekend Survivor please contact us today.