About Savvy Fitness

Savvy…… Not just a workout but a lifestyle,

Savvy opens up the opportunity to explore different types of training modes and work with different focuses as you pass through phases of your fitness journey and life. Our training philosophy is to incorporate variety, balance and consistency to ensure you hit your goals whilst remaining injury free and fitness happy.

At Savvy we take a strategic but intuitive approach, building the perfect training formula for you in the most flexible way so as your needs change so too can your training. Our team takes a very personal approach to both personal and group training and with an expansive  timetable of over 70 classes each week, all you have to do is simply show up!

Our philosophy is simple:

To get the best long lasting results, there are 3 very important components of fitness to work on every week and within every week there needs to be BALANCE, VARIETY and CONSISTENCY. The 3 fitness components include CARDIO VASCULAR FITNESS, STRENGTH and  FLEXIBILITY and our signature programs ensure that ALL 3 of these vital components can be easily incorporated into your weekly or even daily training regime.


Studio Classes

  • RELEASE (Yoga)
  • FLOW (Yoga)
  • JUMP (Suspension)
  • ALIGN (Pilates)
  • MOVE

Outdoor Classes

  • RUN
  • FLY
  • PUSH
  • LIFT
  • PLAY