About Savvy Fitness

Are you ALL IN or ALL OUT?

Savvy opens up the opportunity to explore different types of training modes and work with different focuses as you pass through phases of your fitness journey and life. Having access to both indoor and outdoor training options can allow you to reach your peak performance but also  work safely around injuries or restrictions and find complete physical balance.

Outdoors, you find inspiration in a glowing sunrise and receive the mood boosting goodness of the sun, while indoors you’ll find a sense of security, comfort and control. Having access to both environments you can work with your feels and do what is best for you on the day.

A strategic but intuitive approach to incorporating both environments can offer you the best opportunity to get the best results. This can provide you with the perfect formula to hit your goals while remaining injury free and fitness happy.

You can train IN or you can train OUT or you can do both but this can change with your needs.

What are the best things about indoor and outdoor training?


  • Reliability, safety and control.
  • Avoid battling the undesired elements of wind, rain and cold..
  • Advanced technology & music
  • Temperature control
  • Low Impact options
  • Advanced equipment
  • Little set up required
  • Privacy


  • Exposure to the elements have a marked effect on your mental, emotional and physical state.
  • Generate feelings of alertness, mental clarity and elevated mood.
  • Engage additional muscles and improve proprioception, balance and stability by working on uneven surfaces.
  • Adventure
  • Fresh air
  • Unlimited space