The Come Back Campaign

Some days a comeback seems impossible but at SAVVY we know it is inevitable!!


Now is your PRE SEASON and we are going to get you ready for your most successful summer over the next 4 weeks. 

“Whatever the present moment contains accept it as if you have chosen it. Work with it not against it.” 

The Power Of Now, Eckhart Tolle



We want to help you make your greatest comeback…..  so you can reclaim:

Your Motivation

Your Drive

Your Will Power

Your Self Control

Your Self Confidence

Your Wellness

Your Strength

Your Fitness

and ultimately your unleash your potential post lockdown!

In this program you will work directly with a trainer who will captain your small team of comrades to find your path to success and wellness, this summer! We will help you create strategies and provide support for you to commit to a consistent and effective weekly training plan, choose nutrient rich foods that will fuel you into a positive state of body and mind and help you achieve the goals you set around your health, fitness and wellness.

Who is it for

All Savvy Members and friends but particularly for those who are in need of a little push, a little guidance and support, to improve their state of fitness, health and wellness.

What it involves:

2x Team/Trainer Zoom Sessions per week. Zoom 1 Monday/ Zoom 2 Friday

The first zoom is about setting you up for a successful week ahead, the second zoom is that check in that everybody needs to ensure the job gets done!

4 Focus Areas

1. Setting Weekly Goals – We are focusing on weekly goals that will add up to ensure that when we exit lockdown, in whatever capacity, you will be ready.

2. Fitness – Navigating the best most realistic pathway and training plan for you to maintain and/or continue to improve fitness.

3. Nutrition Habits – Finding simple ways to make small but effective improvements on any current unhealthy nutrition and eating habits

4. Stress Management – Creating and applying strategies around managing stress and navigating an ever changing environment


COST: $55

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