USE IT OR LOSE IT – Why you need resistance training!

Whilst in lock down it has become clear that the easiest form of exercise for many is to walk, run, cycle or swim. Whilst these modes of exercise provide incredible benefits and are very much encouraged we want to stress the importance of staying consistent with your resistance training.

As the lock down days turn into weeks and then months, many of you may have been doing less & less of  this very important element of your training. It won’t be long before you start notice the effects of de training. When it comes to muscle you literally have to USE IT OR LOSE IT!

Online training can be tough but where change occurs, adaptation is essential for survival! If you have completed changed your training schedule or stopped it all together then its time to pick yourself up & get back into it! We are here for you and 2 online sessions a week combined with your additional activities can be all you need to maintain your strength & help prevent injury

5 Reasons Why Resistance Training ESSENTIAL:

  1. To improve and maintain muscular strength – the stronger your muscles the easier it is to lift! Failing to maintain your resistance training will make things very difficult on return – it’s never a nice feeling when you have to start again. Feeling strong, feels great, feeling weak does not.
  2. To improve and maintain muscular endurance – this directly affects your performance in enabling you to comfortably run, swim and cycle. Your performance can then affect your confidence.
  3. To improve and maintain muscle mass and muscle tone – use it or lose it! Once you have built muscle then you lose it your body will feel different – let’s say, less firm!
  4. For the prevention of injuries – a strong foundation creates the continued opportunity to move and challenge your body in different ways. When you allow your muscles to weaken they can no longer sustain the stresses of your usual training and activities and can fall to injury. When major muscles cannot fulfill their role, other supporting muscles have to compensate and often take on loads and movements that they are not designed for, this can lead to more complex injuries that take longer to diagnose and longer to heal.
  5. To lessen the severity of injury if injury is to occur. If an accident occurs that leads to an injury, a healthy muscle and the connective tissue surrounding it can serve to protect itself better, lessening the severity of the injury which may have been much worse had it happened to a weaker, unconditioned muscle.


The Savvy Classes that offer resistance based training are (There are so many!):

  • LIFT
  • PUSH
  • PLAY
  • MOVE
  • FLOW


It is essential that along with your cardio based training and stretching you do 2-3 of these types of classes each week, every week! There are 7 days in a week and 168 hours. These classes are 45 minutes in duration which means that equates to around 1.3% of your week – that’s really not much for your body to ask of you.

Get lifting People!