Running Events are back!

It’s been a pretty tough 12 months for all of us and it’s safe to say that for the runners one of the toughest blows was the multitude of cancelled races & events! We are super excited to see all of our favourite races & events back on in 2021 and we cant wait to help you get prepared to race again!

In 2020 we powered through the JUST KEEP RUNNING program week after week and for many of us it was what kept us sane in a crazy time! So in 2021 we are so excited to re-launch the hugely popular and successful ‘RUN’ program. THE SAVVY RUNNER RUN 2021 PROGRAM offers you the opportunity to train for and successfully run a marathon, a half marathon, 10k or 5k. This program will get you running consistently, teach you how to train effectively and significantly improve your running performance!

Whether you want to …..


Our 3 run-a-week formula will take your running to a whole new level whether you are a beginner or an experienced runner. This program has been designed to give you maximum benefit from your investment in training time due to a quality over quantity approach.

To start the year off we have four program options for you to choose from. Two will lead into the Gold Coast Marathon 2021 (July 3 & 4) and two new programs leading into our local inaugural event The Wollongong Running Festival (more info on this coming soon). You don’t need to be competing in these events to do the program but having an end goal provides accountability and great motivation.

Two Program Delivery Options:

1. Run With Us – For the active Savvy Member or for those that would like to become a member and run their sessions in our coached run classes plus enjoy the added benefits of supplementary and cross training classes. Please call us to discuss your most suitable membership options. 42264480

2. Run Solo – Simply follow the program delivered to you and run your sessions on your own.


The Savvy Runner Run Programs 2021

  • 8 Week Beginner 5k 

Build towards your 5k during this 8 week program. You will learn to run confidently and continuously and complete The Wollongong Running Festival 5k. 

  • 12 Week 10k 

Train consistently and with intensity to build your strongest 10k performance. Race The Wollongong Running Festival 10k.

  • 16 Week Half Marathon

Train smarter and build longer distances into your training. This program will see you reaching your ultimate fitness through a combination of intensity and endurance. Practice Run The Wollongong Running Festival Half and race at the Gold Coast Marathon.

  • 16 Week Marathon 

Is this the year you run your marathon? Let us run with you every step of the way as you take on the ultimate running challenge. Run The Wollongong Running Festival Half Marathon as part of your preparation for the Gold Coast Marathon.

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