The SAVVY way of navigating our new world.

Amongst the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, there was one thing we knew for sure, we must go on!

During this unprecedented time with our industry facing shutdown, stress levels were high, people were facing isolation and our service was even more important than ever. We were positive in thought and action and we knew there would be a way to keep our members moving and safe. Within a space of about 48 hours, we had moved 100% online.

It was this forced adaptation that produced SAVVY@home, a service we developed within a short amount of time but one that has been very well received and one that we are very proud of. 

SAVVY@home offers our members and staff a space to move, to connect and to be accountable to their health and wellbeing. It has provided access to movement in the simplest of forms so that people can easily stay active with the guidance of our amazing team of trainers. It has provided us with a space to positively connect with others through movement and a way to challenge ourselves to discover our health and fitness potential. 

We offer live classes 7 days a week and our programs are very effective in causing results but also considerate of the environment and the fact that many people have limited or no access to equipment. 

SAVVY@home’s basic goal is to get our people moving everyday as we know this has a powerful effect on life but we were also mindful to incorporate nutrition and mindset tools to ensure we could assist people as best as possible to navigate through this unique period of time.  Bodys have changed for the better, we are seeing the physical outcomes but continually hearing of the positive mental and emotional outcomes too. 

We have an exceptional amount of gratitude and pride in the community we have grown. We were truly amazed by the unconditional support our members displayed at a time when they weren’t even sure what we would produce, they simply backed us, they stayed on, they were in it for the good or the bad. We have something very special, we want to share it with you and now without any geographical limits, we want to share it with the world!

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Angela Saville