Are You Ready? 8 Weeks is all it takes!

The Outdoor Fitness Challenge
8 Weeks to a fitter body and stronger mind!
BUT, we want to know, are you ready for this? 
It is that time of year where many people start to take their health and fitness a little more seriously. With a change of season comes a new lease of life, energy and perhaps, a touch of panic sets in as we realise we can’t continue to hide behind the warm winter layers we have been living in. We started the Outdoor Fitness Challenge at Savvy a number of years ago and soon figured out that October was the best month for it to have the greatest impact. By October it’s warmer, it’s lighter and we are more than ready to make a positive change physically but even more important, MENTALLY!  
So what is the OFC?
The Outdoor Fitness Challenge is about providing people the opportunity to improve their fitness, their body composition, their attitude and behaviours and their overall health and yes the training is predominantly done outdoors! Having worked in the fitness industry for over 19 years, and with hundreds of cases it has become really clear to me what creates the most success for someone wanting to improve in these areas. Before I tell you what they are, there is something even bigger, something that will certainly make or break any attempt at self improvement. Something that will determine success or failure and something that simply has to be present before taking on any challenge and it’s not physical, it’s mental and emotional! 

  • Are you 100% ready to change poor health habits and behaviours?
  • Are you sick of feeling uncomfortable, heavy, tired, lethargic, unmotivated?
  • Are you serious about wanting to improve or do you just like the idea of it?
  • Are you ready to get tougher, to be stronger and not give in to the excuses you have let rule your life for too long? 
  • Are you ready to stop kidding yourself by saying ‘I’ll start tomorrow’ and instead say I’ve already started’, ‘I’m all in’, ‘I’m going to seize this day’! 
  • Are you realistic with your expectations and what it is going to take to succeed?

Are you ………….  really READY? No really, are you READY? 
Too many times people start a challenge without assessing their current state of mind and then continue to fight a losing battle as the excuses set in as to why they couldn’t make that training session, why they just have to eat that sugary treat but realistically these are just that, excuses! We are all busy, we are all time poor, sometimes we get sick, none of us have money to burn but it will come down to attitude and choice.
So if you think you’re ready then we would love to take you on this journey and fill you in on the 
5 OFC key ingredients to success:

  1. Mindset
  2. Movement
  3. Food
  4. Support
  5. Accountability 

The Outdoor Fitness Challenge encompasses all of these 5 things for your ultimate success that isn’t just short term but long lasting. Our goal is for our OFC participants to turn this challenge into a lifestyle. Yes it’s 8 weeks and yes you will lose weight, you will improve your body composition, you will eliminate behaviours that set you back and you will certainly improve your fitness, BUT it’s 8 weeks to a fitter body and a stronger mind FOREVER!
There are two more essential things to know about this challenge and why it is so successful:

  1. You will be assigned a Personal Trainer who will work with you on a weekly basis.
  2. You will work with a chosen Partner, Team or Group.

So if you think this might be for you then think about the people who you would like to do it with! Who are your friends or training buddies that could help bring out your best efforts? Send this on to your ideal training buddies and register your interest here:
Please note that by registering your interest you are not committing to the program, you are letting us know to provide you with more information. 
Lastly, if you’re not quite ready but you really want to be then spend the next few weeks preparing yourself and have a look at my tips below.
How do I prepare myself?
This is all about finding the right attitude and living with this attitude more of the time so that when we are confronted with challenging situations we choose right all of the time. 
Follow these simple tips to get you on your way:

  1. Confront your vice! What behaviour or habit have you formed that is seriously letting you down right now? Acknowledge it! 
  2. Start taking notice of how it makes you feel when you’ve consistently practiced this behaviour? Some good examples are binging on sweets or drinking too much alcohol. Is this something you want to keep doing or do you want to change it?
  3. Ask yourself how being fitter and healthier could better your life right now and are you willing to make the effort to improve?
  4. Find your space! Where is it that allows you have time to think, to reflect and to visualise? Is it walking on the beach or is it in the shower? Find your space!
  5. Visualise what it is you would really like to achieve and the specific ways it will positively impact your life when you achieve it. 

Get ready, it is coming! 
Lastly, read what last year’s Challengers have to say?
My goal was to look better and feel better within myself. Through the program I was able to lose weight and gain muscle tone plus I improved my overall fitness! I really enjoyed training within a small group which included my partner and a couple of my best mates. The training was held outside during early evenings at a good time of the year. Throughout the program I learnt that dieting and nutrition was more than just eating lettuce! The program was well structured and encompassed both diet and training. There was goal setting and measurement of performance which provided accountability. There was also ongoing banter among the team and continual feedback from our trainer Kurt which helped keep me on track. Last but not least we all had fun while we were slogging it out (thanks Kurt!). Well worth the 8 weeks that has led to an ongoing healthier lifestyle!
The OFC really took my training and overall health to a whole new level and most importantly I enjoyed it, for me, it was a highlight of 2018!  I loved it because it held me accountable and I broke some bad eating habits for good.  Our amazing coach (Brooke Bate) was clearly passionate about and invested in making sure we all achieved our goals. She pushed me and made me realise I was stronger than I thought. I was part of a four person training group. We motivated each other and had fun. That little bit of competition helped as well. I was consistent in my training and nutrition for the whole program….as consistency is one of my greatest battles this was a huge part of my success. The before and after health assessment wasn’t just about weight loss. I was pleased to lose 7kg but mainly to feel stronger, faster and have a whole lot more energy. I highly recommend the OFC.
I absolutely recommend doing the outdoor fitness Challenge! Last year I achieved great results. My focus has always been about losing weight but by doing the outdoor fitness challenge I learnt it’s not all about weight loss. It’s about lifestyle changes like my sleeping habits, better eating habits, drinking more water and looking after my mental health. Learning to put all these into practice throughout the eight weeks I gained so much more motivation and improving my fitness levels each week with the support and guidance from our trainers. By the end of the 8weeks I got fitter, faster, lost 8 kilos and significantly reduced my body fat percentage.  The OFC is a great opportunity to get your health on track for summer and set some lasting habits for a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes in life we just need that kickstart to help change the health and exercise behaviours we have adopted.
The OFC takes a holistic approach to health and fitness and really is an all inclusive program. From the first session you are held accountable for your actions and supported in both the exercise aspect and healthy eating aspects of life. Its amazing to see the benefits that come from the challenge and the long lasting health habits it can embed in your life. It has made me aware of what I can accomplish daily from a fitness aspect in my life. Definitely recommended.
Register your interest here:
Yours in Fitness,
Angela Saville 
Program Creator