Be a Winter Warrior

A true warrior of fitness would never let cold weather get in the way of their workout, be a winter warrior!
As the weather gets cooler don’t let it become an excuse to cool off your activity levels. We have to fight for our fitness in winter, we have to be warriors! It is this attitude we need to take on in those darker, colder mornings and evenings when the little voice in our head might just sway us to choose to stay inside. A consistent effort over winter results in a great preparation for summer where we feel energetic, fit and energised. The day you give in to excuses, is a battle lost. So go into battle and WIN, by simply being prepared. Below are some tips on how to do so:
Tip 1: To get yourself out of bed in the morning, open your eyes wide, move straight away and kick the covers off. Have your alarm further away from you so you have to get up to turn it off.
Tip 2: Layer up your clothing. Your body temperature will rise as you exercise so as cold as it is when you start and as impossible it is to think you will get warm, you will! Layer up so you are comfortable in a cooler surrounding then remove the layers as you start to heat up.
Tip 3: Make sure while you’re out there you take a moment to breathe in the fresh cool air then post workout, reward yourself with a warm shower or a sit down with friends for coffee around the heater after a good session. Remind yourself of the positive feelings and energetic attitude you are left with after winning that day’s battle and having moved your body.
Tip 4: Fight for it. Create a reason or determine your winter goal and work towards achieving it. If we have a purpose for getting up and moving we are more likely to do it more often no matter what the weather or circumstances.
Tip 5: Build an army. Get your friends involved in your battle. The more support you have the better the outcome. You will be able to take on more consistency, intensity and more enjoyment out of your sessions with the support of others.
You are in charge, be a warrior, fight for your fitness and ultimately the freedom that it brings!