#thesavvyrunner 2019

Don’t just take our word for it…

here’s what our past participants have to say!

Renae – long term runner & Savvy member

What was your motivation to do the Run Program?
The Savvy Run program is simple and easy to follow, and lets be honest running is better with friends.
Running as part of the Savvy team makes the tough times easier and the glory all that more sweeter.
For me the program keeps me on track, it keeps me looking forward, it forces me to get up and go even if I’m having one of those “I don’t want to days” and it keeps me accountable.
What was your distance/event?
My distance is and has been 21.1k for a very long time, last year I stepped outside of that and used the Marathon program to increases my training distances and to test myself, mind and body.
What did you love about the Run Program?
For me it’s the accountability that I get from a program that is tailored to me.
Then there are the Savvy coaches who are always available and always check in to see how I’m travelling, not to mention ridiculously supportive.
Last year I had coaches wait back for me until I came running back in long after the others had arrived back. That’s commitment and says a lot about the Savvy way.
AND then you’ve got the team, “the blue crew” a phenomenal group of like minded souls I get to run with week in week out, I can’t fault them. They truely are the heart and soul of this run program!
How did the program help you reach your running goals?
I had successfully completed 2 Half Marathon programs before facing injury which resulted in no running.
In 2015 I was busting to get back and have since notched up 13 Half Marathons {plus a few other bucket-list races} because of the run program; the 2019 campaign will mark my 5th consecutive year running.
Without the Savvy Run Program I doubt I would be the runner I am today; the constant encouragement, support and knowledge Ange and the team offer is second to none.
I am blessed to be “a Savvy Runner” and to have the Savvy Runner crew on my side.
Jonesy aka Renea Jones

Kellie – long term Savvy member & runner

What was your motivation to do the Run Program?
For me, the previous couple of years had been all about kids/babies so my main motivation to do last years run program was really to do something for me. It was my time to shine!
What was your distance/event?
Half marathon – the main event was going to be the Gold Coast. Gold Coast didn’t quite turn out how I hoped, so I did the extension program and ran the Sydney half – this was my best run ever (so far!)
What did you love about the Run Program?
I loved that every session I was ticking off and achieving little goals – a fly session with consistent times or hitting my target paces at tempo runs – they gave me a sense of achievement and I felt like I was on track to achieve my overall goal. I liked the ‘team’ aspect and it felt like we were all in it together – seeing other people achieve their goals is encouraging.
How did the program help you reach your running goals?
I got a lot out of the mindset talk at the beginning of the program, being able to change the negative self-talk that happens when I run really helped me. Most importantly, the program got me running consistently (all the way through winter, cray cray) and it got me to a level of fitness where I felt fit, fast and strong.
My goal was sub 1:50
GC 1:49
Sydney 1:45
5k PB 22:54
Longest run 24ks
Go me!

Dave Moore our super marathoner & long term Savvy member.

I participate in the run program every year as I feel it is a great way to keep in shape during winter when it is sometimes difficult to get motivated and moving. (I hate cold weather) Last year I was travelling during the program so I wasn’t able to be involved, but this year I am extra motivated to get some great results and enjoy the run program journey with like-minded people.
I have mainly participated in the marathon. I love the challenge and pushing my perceived boundaries to find what I am truly capable of achieving. The marathon distance is sure to challenge you in some way, despite how well you prepare, but the run program will deliver you to the start line in July in great shape to achieve your goals.
I love the comradery of all the run program participants and getting out and moving during the cold months. The program is challenging but that is what inspires me. You find out things about yourself that you did not know and the feeling of achievement at the end of the marathon is something to cherish and share with the other runners.
I set my health and fitness goals at the start of each year. The run program is always on the list. It provides a structured, realistic program for the recreational runner and highlights cross/supplementary training, nutrition, hydration, recovery and mental preparation as key aspects along the way. All this, while being encouraged and coached by a great crew of trainers in a supportive environment. What’s not to love about the program!