Get Faster in Just 6 Weeks

Can You get Faster in Just 6 Weeks?
Yes you can and we have proven it every year for the last 5 years with our FASTER 5k program! On average our runners have seen an improvement, slashing over 2 minutes off their 5k time.
This program is designed and created by run coach Angela Saville who will personally create a program for you that works on consistently running 3 times per week.
Each run session has a different focus to ensure speed and endurance are both trained and a strong fitness base established. Target paces are calculated for each runner based on their current 5k time. Runners are then given their exact working sets and pace targets to follow each week. The biggest influence of success with the faster 5 is consistency, however the essential inclusion of speed work, hills and tempo runs see runners quickly progressing to be a stronger, more confident runner in a very short amount of time.
Angela admits the other secret formula is completing the program in a team environment where runners are accountable to the coaches and fellow team mates. This environment often inspires much higher intensities, therefore improving fitness and ability at a quicker rate.
Runners are advised to compliment their 3 runs per week with supplementary (strength and flexibility work) and cross training methods (cycling, swimming and/or non running cardio activity) to help prevent injury and keep the runner on the track.
Runners can complete their programmed sessions at any of the Savvy Run and Fly classes held during the week with Run coaches, Mark McCarthy, Justine Berghouse and Sharon Bott. The team will also make use of Parkrun, the free community 5k held on Saturday’s where they are thrown into a race environment and given an official time.  
If you’re interested in running but aren’t yet running then perhaps for you our Learn 2 Run program will be your preference. Coach Nikki McCarthy Hicks will be kicking of our Learn 2 Run program Tuesday 29th of January. This program is free for current Savvy members and at a small cost for non members.
For more information on our Faster 5 Program see link below, hurry as enrolments close Friday 9am!