Reviver – Set Your Best Year in Motion

Re-energise, REVIVE and thrive!
This year we officially kick of our 2019 event schedule with REVIVER. Join us on Monday Jan 28 (Australia Day Public Holiday) at 9.15am for YOGA IN THE PARK supporting Beyond Blue
This is a free community class and an opportunity for all who attend to establish a clear vision to set serious and realistic goals for 2019. Lead by Angela Saville the class will be designed to achieve the following:

  • Strengthen the core, hips and shoulders
  • Postural correction and muscular balance
  • Improve range of motion and general mobility
  • Find mind space to establish a clear vision and positive mindset to succeed in 2019

Angela has taught Yoga for over 10 years and in that time has designed a type of clinical yoga that is inclusive for all ages, demographics and body types. Savvy Yoga programs heavily focus on the physical benefits of Yoga to compliment and support all other types of training and activities and establish a solid connection between mind and body. We believe through this simple practice we are better equipped to perform well in all areas of life.
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This session  will also kick off our first program of 2019 ‘REVIVE’
The term REVIVE means to activate, to set in motion, or take up again. The new year is a time for renewal!
This program runs for 6 weeks and is about setting you in motion to lead your happiest and healthiest life! REVIVE will assist with getting on track with your fitness goals, weight loss goals, body conditioning or simply finding consistency. We will be holding a REVIVE workshop with the following speakers;
Fitness Professional, Angela Saville, Nutritionist Ellie Wiltshire and Mindset Guru Lisa Marie Ryan on Tuesday 29th Jan, 7.15pm.
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