Maguire & McInerney Savvy Survivor Season 22


We are really excited to launch Survivor this year as we will be fundraising for JDRF – Juvenille Diabetes Research Foundation
Recently Leanne’s son Max who is 11 years old has been diagnosed with Diabetes type 1 and it has been an incredibly stressful & trying time For Max & the family, coming to terms with the implications of this life long condition and how to manage it on a daily basis. With your help we hope to raise in excess of $30000.00 to help researchers find a cure for Diabetes. We have members that also have children with Diabetes type 1 and we believe the Savvy community will really get behind this cause. We hope to help turn Diabetes Type ONE into Type NONE!
Savvy Survivor will run for 7 days from Sunday Dec 9 – Saturday Dec 15 & involves joining a team, Red, Green, Blue or Yellow and participating in as many scheduled sessions that you are able to. A big part of the competition is recruiting your team so start now! There will be a variety of sessions, loads of challenges & something for every fitness level & ability.
Download the full schedule here!

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