Parents and Children

For Parents and Children

We pride ourselves on creating a family – friendly environment! Our mid-morning sessions purposefully cater for parents with young children to assist in accessing fitness. We provide a qualified personal trainer to coach our parents and a child care professional who we call our Children’s Champion. Our Children’s Champion will conduct fitness and fun learning activities for the children. Parents are able to improve their fitness while their children are getting the positive effects of fresh air, activity and social interaction. This leaves nothing to feel guilty about and best of all your children are with you!

I love the mums class because it is always a class I can go to regardless if I have the kids or not.

Having two kids and trying to get exercise in is never easy but knowing I have the mums classes I can go to and have someone there to watch my kids at the same time is a life saver!

The mums class is also a great help when coming back from just having a baby. The trainers can always give u alternatives to any exercise to make sure you aren’t over exerting yourself but also give you enough to be able to push yourself.

Don’t be fooled it is also one of the toughest classes of the week as well!!! My goal was to get back to my pre baby weight and increase my fitness and I achieved it by attending the Savvy Mums sessions. I would defiantly recommend this class..

D Paulissen