Get Savvy @ Work

Savvy Fitness can provide an element to your workplace that will help your business achieve its full potential. Savvy Fitness can provide health and fitness training for any company or business. We can come to your company premises or a location of your choice.


It has been proven that being fit and healthy improves productivity . This training aims to improve not only the health and fitness of staff but also productivity in the workplace encouraging teamwork, cooperation and improved staff morale.

Savvy Health & Fitness will provide an experience that will educate your employees to lead healthy, active lifestyles. Corporate programs can also involve Health & fitness assessments and nutritional workshops.


At St Mary’s we promote health and fitness for staff through Savvy Fitness. Staff are invited to join weekly fitness classes with two friendly and qualified Savvy instructors. They cater for a wide range of fitness levels to allow everyone to participate at their own pace, to set goals and gain personal improvements.

Our College staff enjoy the opportunity to share some social interaction and gain fitness benefits at the same time. Participation in this program has encouraged many of our staff participants to join outside Savvy classes or alternate fitness activities, to make exercise an integral part of their lifestyle for health benefits.

Belinda Sparks,
Sports Coordinator and Physical Education Teacher




ahm (Australian Health Management) is a Wollongong-based private health insurer offering health management programs to its policy holders, corporate health and wellness programs to businesses and its very own corporate wellness program to ahm staff.

ahm’s Corporate Wellness Program gives employees an opportunity to involve themselves in a range of personal wellness initiatives including physical training sessions, relaxation sessions, core and strengthening sessions as well as nutritional and health activities. These initiatives are run during the lunch period.

One of the more successful aspects of the program is the fitness sessions conducted by Savvy Fitness. These sessions are provided in the work environment, which makes them very easy for staff to access.

The Savvy Fitness sessions always provide a challenge to our staff. The support and one-to-one personalisation from the instructors ensures that each participant gains the most they can from their workout and exposes employees to the benefits of regular exercise.

I recommend that any organisation consider the benefits of a similar program for their staff, knowing that they would gain positive results by using Savvy Fitness for any fitness activities.

Susan Phillipson
Manager Workplace Health – ahm


Corporate Training Packages

Corporate Training packages are tailored specifically to cater for your company’s needs. Please contact us with your program requirements and we can provide you with a quote.