Total Body Conditioning

A partner boxing program using gloves and mitts that teaches you how to generate speed, power and endurance through the punch. Often involving resistance exercises and advanced conditioning drills  this program can be used as a cross training method for fitness. Punch will develop strength, coordination and sharpen your reflexes. Through work/rest ratios and combinations Punch is sure to improve and condition the entire body. It is a total body workout!

  • Improve total fitness
  • Develop upper body strength and tone
  • Develop coordination
  • Core conditioning
  • Sharpen reflexes
  • Stress relief


The boxing sessions are always fun, but you are still certain to get a great full body workout and you get to release the days frustrations at the same time! Each session is different, the trainers always ensure they mix things up.

Punch has definitely increased my cardiovascular fitness and strength. Its fun, gets your heart rate up, builds strength and is a great stress reliever! In addition, you are sparring with a partner so it’s a great opportunity to either catch up with a friend (but still work hard!) or meet new people.


Kelly Newell





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