Build Strength

Lift challenges all of your major muscle groups as it strengthens and conditions your entire body. Lift will improve your overall body composition and your body’s ability to burn energy efficiently through use of high repetitions performed under load. This program focuses on improving strength and endurance resulting in stronger, more defined muscles.

  • Develop strength endurance for all muscle groups
  • Produce muscle definition
  • Core conditioning
  • Develop postural balance
  • Injury prevention
  • Supplement other fitness activities



My favourite class at the moment is Lift. I have found it really important to incorporate weight training into my exercise, and Lift is a great class for this. Each class is different, so your muscles don’t get used to doing the same moves with the same weights week after week. I also enjoy the variety of equipment we use, and sometimes the class will use no equipment at all, just body weight, so you can see the results of this type of training.


I have made strength and muscle endurance gains improving the number of push ups I can do and how long I can hold the plank for. I would recommend this class because you can choose what weights you use, and week after week you can see improvements in your strength as you lift heavier weights, or do more reps!


Chiara Rigoni

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