Intensity is key

Run repeats with recovery, often called interval training. This program utilises the outdoors and various terrain such as hills, sand and track. One of the fastest, most effective ways to improve cardiovascular fitness and running speed. An essential component of any run program.

  • Improve cardiovascular fitness
  • Develop speed
  • Improve running form
  • Develop running muscle and joint strength
  • Run faster


I have seen such a huge improvement in my running technique, speed and fitness since regularly attending run-interval classes.  The group classes provide a  motivational and supportive atmosphere to train in. I find it nearly impossible to achieve the same high intensity workouts when training alone.


The team atmosphere at each class is supportive, encouraging and motivating.  The group classes are incredibly enjoyable and also create great results.  In 2014 I achieved personal bests across all running distances,  from 5km time trials to the marathon. I find interval training the hardest, yet most effective form of training.


The support you get while undertaking these classes is amazing and truly makes the classes an  effective and rewarding part of my weekly training schedule.

Adam Bye








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