Member since June 2007 Lisa

The journey begins

My Journey at SAVVY started in June 2007. I was no stranger to exercise having always enjoyed going to the gym and looking after myself. I had been going through a lot personally at the time.

I had experienced lots of fertility problems, which in turn led to years of IVF treatment! I feel the constant hope and disappointment of trying to have our second child had changed me and I was not the nicest person to live with until I discovered something that would change my life.

At the beginning of 2007 I was mentally and physically drained, my self worth was low and my body shape was suffering the effects of fertility medication. I was attending a gym but I think it was more of a habit, just turning up and doing the required class. My fitness was alright, but I found it wasn’t producing the results I had hoped for, my body shape was not changing and I was becoming more disheartened and depressed.

It was time to do something but I didn’t know what! I found out about a fitness group that trained at North Beach. I decided to try Tuesday and Thursday classes which involved running, I was a little scared (actually petrified), as I had never been a person who could run.

When I turned up at SAVVY for my first session, everyone was so welcoming and encouraging. It proved to be quite tough at first and I had my doubts some days but Angela offered me so much encouragement and support so I just kept turning up! Before I knew it I was running 6-8kms and the next thing I knew I was entering the 14km City to Surf!!!

Learning new skills

I have learnt so many new skills as there is so much variety in Savvy’s programs. The programs have all been a challenging and as my fitness continues to improve I now embrace the challenges offered to me.

Making my health & fitness a priority did involve some lifestyle changes as I had commitments at home looking after my daughter, however, I found that if I organised my day effectively I could turn up to class and run with a clear mind and best of all, it could be all about me for an hour!

SAVVY has given me a new lease on life, I have made some great friends and turning up to training is always productive but social too.

SAVVY is my second family!!! I feel great and wherever I go I get comments on how good I look which is a great feeling. I would recommend SAVVY to anyone who wants to feel great, look great and be involved in a group of very special people who are all there to get fit and healthy. As I discovered it is a lifestyle change that will lead you to success.

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