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All-round fitness with Savvy

I have always been an active individual as an adult, being involved in gym participation, team sports and horse riding, but had never taken on a program that is as varied in its demands and that builds all-round fitness to the extent that I have now achieved with Savvy.

In the past, running has not been a great interest or a strength, however in the last twelve months while training with Savvy I have built endurance to the point of successfully completing the City2Surf and a half marathon within a six-week time period. Running has made a real difference to my body shape too, I have lost over 2 full sizes.

Savvy does quarterly checks on baseline fitness measures, so I know how I’m going and whether I have improved in the last twelve weeks. I am encouraged to set achievable goals that become a focus for me and my trainers in the next three months, so Savvy does a lot to promote goal setting and goal attainment.

Good health habits

Savvy has helped promote good health habits in me that are likely to give me longer-term benefits. How to maintain a balanced exercise program and build it into other activities and commitments is a life skill that reduces the risk of developing lifestyle diseases like CVD and Type II Diabetes, or perhaps even depression or anxiety.

Physical fitness encourages good eating patterns and vice-versa – if you are demanding a lot of your body, you want to take care of it, and need to fuel it with food that will make the training effective. I find too that people are less likely to try to get me to eat something I don’t want to (or shouldn’t) because they can see I’m serious about looking after myself.

Maintaining physical activities

I have found that maintaining physical activity as part of a daily routine encourages better sleep patterns and sleep quality. Generally, I am less likely to get sick, and when I do, I recover faster.

I am really pleased with the level of fitness I have achieved with Savvy. My baseline measures are really good, and my physical fitness performance is as good as someone half my age. I find the activities we do at Savvy to be a great stress-buster, and participating consistently in exercise leaves me feeling energised and alert, so I become more efficient at other activities.

Feel your best

There is a real sense of achievement in developing a skill or a capacity, like being able to run long-distance, that is very satisfying and confidence-building. In addition, there is a relationship between fitness and confidence in what your body is capable of doing and general self-esteem. I notice that I take things in my stride a lot more in all areas of my life now. It’s also nice to feel in control of my body shape and be able to fit into clothes well.

Great friendships

I’ve made some great friendships Savvy. Savvy caters for people of all levels with a variety of different goals, but we have common aims to be healthy and to enjoy physical activity. The group fitness sessions are fun because they are both a work out and a chance to catch up with friends. Savvy holds social events throughout the year, and runs ‘Savvy Survivor’ team competitions where we can get to know each other better, so there is a strong social bond between group members.

Savvy offers the opportunity to engage in a varied exercise program in a comfortable social environment where the emphasis is on working to your own level, and focusing on what you want to achieve. It’s not about being better than anyone else, but being the best you can be!

Savvy has helped promote good health habits in me that are likely to give me longer-term benefits.

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