2011 Kneeboarding World Champion Albert Munoz

Savvy Fitness member Albert Munoz achieves a childhood dream and is crowned the 2011 ISA Kneeboard Surfing World Champion.

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Albert Munoz - Photo Steen Barnes
Albert Munoz – Photo Steen Barnes


Tell us about the sport, how did you get into knee boarding:

I started surfing when I was 13, after a few years I started looking into other forms of waveriding. My brother was a long time kneeboarder and I thought I would give it a shot, been hooked ever since. I dont exclusively ride a kneeboard, but its my favourite activity.

Basically, kneeboarding is an alternative form of surfing where you kneel on the board instead of standing on it. The boards are specialised for the sport, and although its not terribly popular, there is a very strong competitive scene in Australia.

Albert Munoz - Photo Steen Barnes
Albert Munoz – Photo Steen Barnes

What type training do you do for your sport?

The best training for surfing is surfing. However, the better your overall fitness is, the longer you can stay in the water and recover from injuries. Core training is essential, but also interval and endurance training are important.

How many hours a week do you train?

Lately its only been two or three Savvy sessions per week, then there is the surfing on top of that. On a week with swell I will spend about 8-16 hours in the water.

When did you start Savvy & Why?

I initially started Savvy about three or four years ago, my partner Rachael Letham got me into it. I really enjoyed the challenge of trying to do every excercise properly from start to finish in a session.

Favourite Class?

At the moment its Interval on Tuesday evenings, but usually its core on Tuesday mornings (if work permits) or distance running on Thursday evenings.

What have you gained from Savvy, how has Savvy helped you acheive your sporting goals?

What havent I gained from Savvy?! The mental toughness gained from taking on the challenges of every session is something that is very hard to find.

Consistently pushing past 100% not only improves physical fitness, but also mental fitness, you realise that 100% isn’t really the limit and you can push it even further.

Knowing this is important in surfing, where in adverse conditions you are still required to perform regardless of what mother nature throws at you.

Without Savvy, its hard to imagine having gained the physical and mental attributes necessary to accomplish my goals.

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