Albert Munoz – 2011 Kneeboarding World Champion

Savvy Fitness member Albert Munoz achieves a childhood dream and is crowned the 2011 ISA Kneeboard Surfing World Champion.

Read on to get to know a little more about Albert

Leonie – Member since September 2006

I have always been an active individual as an adult, being involved in gym participation, team sports and horse riding, but had never taken on a program that is as varied in its demands and that builds all-round fitness to the extent that I have now achieved with Savvy.

In the past, running has not been a great interest or a strength, however in the last twelve months while training with Savvy I have built endurance to the point of successfully completing the City2Surf and a half marathon within a six-week time period. Running has made a real difference to my body shape too, I have lost over 2 full sizes.

Tracey – Member since Feb 2007

Savvy has helped me achieve the fitness I have always dreamt about, particularly after the birth of my baby. I would walk along the beach pushing my pram and see fit and healthy people jogging and I would think if only I could incorporate fitness into my day and enjoy it.

Well Savvy was the answer for me.

Lisa – Member since June 2007

My Journey at SAVVY started in June 2007. I was no stranger to exercise having always enjoyed going to the gym and looking after myself. I had been going through a lot personally at the time.

I had experienced lots of fertility problems, which in turn led to years of IVF treatment! I feel the constant hope and disappointment of trying to have our second child had changed me and I was not the nicest person to live with until I discovered something that would change my life.

Scott – Member since June 2006

I highly recommend Savvy to any athletes that are looking for something to give them an edge over their competition.

I have been training with Savvy since June 2006 and have nothing but positive feedback to give.

Initially I started training with Savvy solely as a way to maintain my fitness and conditioning during the off season but soon realized that Savvy had much more to offer. The trainers were extremely professional, highly motivated and very knowledgeable in their chosen field. This enabled them to identify weaknesses in my training and develop programs that were specific to my needs.

Marisa & Peta: “The Twins” – Members since June 2006

We have been with Savvy from the very beginning and it has been a great way for us to improve our fitness.

Two years ago if you had of asked if we would run the City 2 Surf you would have received a firm ‘No’

Running was definitely not a favourite activity. But thanks to Ange and the rest of the Savvy team we have gone from dreading even the slightest jog to actually training for and looking forward to the City 2 Surf.

Tech Waratahs RUFC

With the impending introduction of the new ELV’s for Illawarra Rugby this season. the Tech Waratahs RUFC began pre season training well before our usual starting date. It was also decided that we would vary our pre season sessions to take out some of the mundane drills that so often keep our players away from these sessions.

To this we employed the services of ‘Savvy Health & Fitness’.

We really did not know what to expect as this was certainly a new concept for our club. Any doubts we may have had at the beginning soon diminished as Angela and Dave led our aspiring Rugby players on a grueling, challenging but all the same interesting group of sessions.

Jamie – Member Since April 2008

I joined Savvy Health and Fitness in April 2008 and I have never looked back. When you join any gym or fitness group it can be quite daunting, but with Savvy I was welcomed by a bunch of friendly people.

I went to a gym for a long time but found that I was losing interest and motivation to keep going.
I heard about Savvy through a friend and thought, what a great idea. I love the fact that all the training is outdoors. Rain, hail or shine. The 6am classes are a great start to the day and I was so pleased with myself to make it through all the winter training, now I cant wait for summer.

ahm – Australian Health Management

ahm (Australian Health Management) is a Wollongong-based private health insurer offering health management programs to its policy holders, corporate health and wellness programs to businesses and its very own corporate wellness program to ahm staff.

ahm’s Corporate Wellness Program gives employees an opportunity to involve themselves in a range of personal wellness initiatives including physical training sessions, relaxation sessions, core and strengthening sessions as well as nutritional and health activities. These initiatives are run during the lunch period.

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