Comprehensive fitness

We run fun and interactive outdoor fitness sessions suitable for a wide range of clientèle of any fitness level.

Participating in our programs will provide you with all your fitness needs.

Savvy’s fitness training endeavours to create winning strategies for member success in leading a physically active and healthy lifestyle and to teach our members to be ‘savvy’; find creative, practical ways to incorporate health and wellbeing into their lives.

We offer group and personal training options and strive towards personal satisfaction and positive changes in our member’s lives.


The Savvy Mission

Our ambition is to provide our members with high quality, comprehensive and leading edge outdoor health & fitness services whilst maintaining personal care and always creating a culture of welcome.

We intend to make every training session an experience rather than just a workout and are continually researching and developing new skills and drills with innovative and effective pieces of equipment.

Our trainers and our members are part of our team. They are the heart and soul of our business.

Our team’s guiding values are authenticity, playfulness, teamwork, humility and bold ambition. Our guiding values are the keys to our culture and to achieving our vision.

We engage with the community within which we operate and live and actively contribute to causes and organisations that benefit our community. The community can take pride in our presence.

We value our members as part of our team. We recognise and reward their efforts with fun, satisfying and safe activities that will achieve personal goals.

Our trainers are exceptionally passionate about our product and our member’s success. We empower our trainers to make sure our clients leave each session completely satisfied.

We believe we are innovators in the health & fitness industry.

We Consider the culture that we create at Savvy to be our greatest asset.









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